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Reliable 24 Hour Towing & Emergency Vehicle Towing in Werribee

Since 1987, Garden State Towing have over 30 years’ experience in 24 hour towing in Werribee.

With our major depot located in Abbotsford, we can get our tow trucks to Melbourne CBD and inner suburbs very quickly. For efficient, professional and reliable tow truck services, Melbourne know to call Garden State Towing.

Towing in Werribee – Gardenstate Towing

If you are searching for “towing werribee”, Gardenstate towing provide 24 hour towing services from Werribee to anywhere in Australia. With a depot located in  Abbotsford, we are able to quickly provide local towing services in Werribee, and throughout the western suburbs of Melbourne.

Emergency Towing Werribee

For emergency and salvage jobs, we offer local towing services in Melbourne, to the mechanic, service centre or wreckers of your choice. If you require an emergency tow outside of business hours, our 24 hour tow truck drivers will be able to house your vehicle in our secure, surveilled storage facilities until your mechanic is open.

From Towing Werribee to Anywhere

Our specialised services also see us offering statewide or national transportation of boats, machines, and construction equipment. We offer machinery, boat, enclosed and specialised towing services from Werribee to anywhere in the country, so talk to us today about your transportation needs.

Our Services

  • Vehicle towing
  • Enclosed transporting
  • Machinery transporting
  • Emergency towing
  • Specialised towing
  • Boat Towing
  • Motorcycle Transportation
  • Salvage Towing

Our Commitment

Garden State Towing started as a single truck operation. Now, we are one of the larger vehicle towing services in Melbourne. We believe this is because of our commitment to accountable, professional, quality towing services. Our motto is “whatever it takes”, and it has seen us tow vehicles from rooftops and ravines, roadsides, casinos, shopping centre displays, and more. No job is too big, too small, or too difficult for our talented, professional drivers. We are committed to getting it done, so contact us today.

Our Commitment in Practice

GPS tracking and Data Dispatch

Our tech means that we can provide reports in real time. We know where our trucks are 100% of the time, which means we can tell you where your tow is when you need to know. It also means that we are able to match the closest truck to your job, so clients requesting an emergency tow spend less time waiting.

Business Continuity Plan

We work with service providers to organise delivery schedules based on their needs. Worksites with limited space require machinery and equipment at certain times, but not others. We work with industry to deliver their machinery when they need it. For construction equipment and machinery transportation, contact Garden State Towing today.

Towing Werribee – Contact Us

If you need to transport your vehicle and want to do it with the best tow trucks in Werribee , give Gardenstate Towing a call today on (03) 9429 1234. Alternatively, you can also get in touch through our convenient online contact form.

towing werribee
tow truck werribee

Contact Us

For information on our car towing services in Melbourne, contact our 24-hour phone line on (03) 9429 1234. For our prestige car towing services, specialised vehicle transport services or another vehicle towing service outside of Melbourne, contact us here and see how we can help you today.

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Sensational service! Sean was great, no awkward silent side, professional and skilled in everything he did. Super grateful
Grant Rimon
Grant Rimon
03:52 01 Jun 24
Fair unpriced.
Matthew Topsom
Matthew Topsom
22:10 10 Apr 24
Fast response, friendly driver.
Prue L
Prue L
23:46 02 Apr 24
Very happy with the prompt service and transparent price. Highly recommend
Paul Nguyen
Paul Nguyen
02:46 04 Mar 24
I got towing organised via an insurance company. Tow came to Montmorency on time and got the car pulled up safely and efficiently to the mechanic. Five stars for the driver.
Alister Webb
Alister Webb
02:35 03 Feb 24
14:04 09 Jan 24
legends! service when you need it. Thank you
Jesse DC
Jesse DC
08:07 12 Dec 23
100% Professional and reliable. Ahmed was absolutely a pleasure to deal with. Very helpful in finding the perfect solution to a tricky situation. Highly recommend.
13:38 05 Nov 23
Very helpful quick and affordable
Oz Louis
Oz Louis
10:38 13 Oct 23

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