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Reliable Car Towing & Vehicle Towing Services in Melbourne


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Prestige Car Towing

Gardenstate Towing provides prestige car towing services for Melbourne and the rest of Australia. Depending on your needs, we can provide an open-air tow or an enclosed car transportation service.

Specialised Vehicle Transport

Gardenstate Towing are experts in all areas of vehicle towing. From boats and bicycles to show cars and cranes, we can retrieve and transport your specialised vehicle from and to anywhere in Australia. No matter what the size, we will transport your vehicle safely, quickly and expertly.

Check out our specialised vehicle towing page for more info.

Car and Vehicle Towing Services

Whether you need a roadside vehicle towing service in Melbourne or are picking up your new car from a dealership, Gardenstate Towing have you covered. Our years of expertise mean we can transport your vehicle without the risk of damage.

Emergency Car Towing Melbourne

Our emergency phone line operates every hour of the day, every day of the year. If you have been in an accident or your car has broken down and needs to be towed, our well-trained staff are ready to help. If your car needs to be stored until business hours, we will house it in our secure storage facility in Abbotsford.

Check out our 24 hour towing service page for more info.

Salvage Vehicle Towing

If your car is located off-road, embedded in a building, tree or pole, or is overturned, Gardenstate Towing can perform a salvage tow. Gardenstate Towing have the fleet, tools and machinery to salvage your vehicle following an accident.

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Why Choose Us?

Since 1987, Gardenstate Towing have been providing expert car towing services throughout Melbourne and across Australia. With a fleet of tow trucks, speciality transport vehicles, and highly experienced staff (60% of whom are also qualified mechanics), Gardenstate Towing are the vehicle towing service Melbourne can count on.

Gardenstate Towing have a strong focus on security and accountability. We are able to accurately monitor not only our secure storage facilities but also all of our vehicle towing services from our Melbourne HQ, manned 24/7. We keep our clients in the loop with detailed reports on our vehicles and their journeys in real time, using the latest GPS technology and our Data Dispatch and Tracking System.

Our nationally-accredited drivers all hold accident attending licences and retrain often. If you require emergency car towing, prestige car towing, specialised vehicle towing or plant and machinery towing, your equipment is safe in our hands.

Contact Us

For information on our car towing services in Melbourne, contact our 24-hour phone line on (93) 9429 1234.  For our prestige car towing services, specialised vehicle transport services or another vehicle towing service outside of Melbourne, contact us here and see how we can help you today.

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