Salvage Towing

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Salvage Towing 

Gardenstate Towing are a professional 24-hr salvage towing company operating throughout the Greater Melbourne Region. For over thirty years, we have provided car removal and off-road car towing services. No matter the job, Gardenstate Towing have the tools, techniques and trucks needed to provide a safe, professional salvage tow in Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula and anywhere in Victoria.

We offer tow truck services for any job, big or small. So whether you need an old car removed, an emergency salvage, or simply need to get your car back on the road, contact Gardenstate Towing today.

Emergency Salvage Towing

If you have been driving off road and your vehicle has left the track, you may require a salvage tow. Our tow truck drivers are equipped for all emergencies, whether on-road or off.

At Gardenstate Towing, our clients’ safety and wellbeing are our primary concerns. If you require a salvage tow, first make sure you make sure you are in a safe position. Then call Gardenstate Towing to remove your car from the scene.

Our nationally-accredited drivers have accident-attending licences, meaning that they are the experienced professionals with the skills and training needed for an emergency salvage tow.

We work with insurance companies, emergency services and governments to provide safe, efficient salvage tows throughout Melbourne and its surrounding regions. Located along one of the state’s main arterials, we are quick to respond to all call-outs at any hour.

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As well as performing emergency salvage tows, Gardenstate Towing remove unwanted and junk cars. We perform salvage tows for all vehicles, whether they be buried deep in forests, in gullies and embankments, in off-road crashes, drowned in canals or otherwise abandoned.

Abandoned, old or unwanted cars on your property can be a liability. If you have a broken down or junk car needing removal from your land, contact us and we will take it to a salvage yard near you.

Gardenstate Towing

Since 1987, Gardenstate Towing have handpicked our drivers for their professionalism, accountability and commitment to best practice. Nationally-accredited, police-checked and with years of experience, we believe our drivers are the best in the business.

Our rescue tows have taken us all over Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula, from Elwood’s canals to Tonimbuk’s forests. If you have an unwanted car on your property, contact our expert salvage tow truck team to remove it today.

Gardenstate Towing have the tow truck services for all of Melbourne’s transport needs. Our services include:

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