Luxury Car Towing Melbourne

Owning a luxury vehicle comes with great responsibility. Not only do you have to make sure that your car is in tip-top shape, but you also need to maintain its spotless beauty. Like most luxury car owners, you need to put in more effort in the upkeep of your car’s exterior and interior. This is why it’s vital to find a luxury car towing company that understands how important your vehicle is to you.

Why Choose Us for Luxury Car Towing?

Our team of technicians and tow truck drivers regularly undergo thorough training in the latest luxury car towing equipment. This ensures that they can load your luxury vehicle onto the truck with little to no risk of damage. No need to hold your breath every time your car gets loaded onto the truck.

As car owners ourselves, we know how important protecting your vehicle is to you. Our team will keep your vehicle safe throughout the transportation process, steering clear from potential hazards that could damage your luxury car. When working with us, you can be assured that your vehicle will arrive in pristine condition.

When Should You Call Us?

When your luxury car is having problems on the road, you need a professional luxury car towing company in Victoria. Call Gardenstate Towing when:

  • You need a luxury car battery replacement. We offer roadside assistance including battery change. Our auto technicians are well-trained in the maintenance of most luxury vehicle brands.
  • You need a tire change. Don’t have a spare tire? Call us for a flat tire change so that you can get safely back on the road.
  • You locked yourself out. We’ll help you get out of your jam. Call us and we can be there in minutes.
  • You need roadside assistance. Did your car break down? We have tow trucks readily available and can get to your location in no time.

Aside from luxury car towing, Gardenstate Towing offers an array of services for luxury car owners. We aim to be the most flexible 24-hour towing company in Australia.

We Care for Our Customers

We make sure to give our customers the highest quality of service. We treat every transaction with the utmost professionalism every day.

Our team of customer service representatives is trained to solve your problems as quickly as possible. Once you call, all you have to do is give us your location and the nature of your emergency. We will work around the clock to get a tow truck to your location. Our company is located strategically in Melbourne so that we can reach central Victoria in 30 minutes, and the surrounding areas in less than an hour.

Call Gardenstate Towing

Keep your luxury car in perfect shape by working with a luxury car towing company that cares for your vehicle. Whether you need roadside assistance, luxury car transport, or have concerns, we are always happy to answer all of your questions.

Get in touch with our customer representative today to get an obligation-free quote on our luxury car towing services.

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luxury car towing melbourne

Contact Us

For information on our car towing services in Melbourne, contact our 24-hour phone line on (03) 9429 1234. For our prestige car towing services, specialised vehicle transport services or another vehicle towing service outside of Melbourne, contact us here and see how we can help you today.

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Sensational service! Sean was great, no awkward silent side, professional and skilled in everything he did. Super grateful
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Grant Rimon
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Fair unpriced.
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Matthew Topsom
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Fast response, friendly driver.
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Prue L
23:46 02 Apr 24
Very happy with the prompt service and transparent price. Highly recommend
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Paul Nguyen
02:46 04 Mar 24
I got towing organised via an insurance company. Tow came to Montmorency on time and got the car pulled up safely and efficiently to the mechanic. Five stars for the driver.
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Alister Webb
02:35 03 Feb 24
14:04 09 Jan 24
legends! service when you need it. Thank you
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Jesse DC
08:07 12 Dec 23
100% Professional and reliable. Ahmed was absolutely a pleasure to deal with. Very helpful in finding the perfect solution to a tricky situation. Highly recommend.
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Very helpful quick and affordable
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Oz Louis
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