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Have you ever found yourself in need of a tow?

At some point most drivers will have cause to call for emergency assistance and a tow truck. It may be that you’ve been in a small bumper bashing, found yourself with an irreparable flat tyre and no spare on hand, or maybe you’ve broken down or simply misjudged the distance to the nearest fuel station and run short. At Gardenstate Towing, we’ve seen it all – and we’re happy to help all our customers who find themselves in a sticky roadside situation.


With all our years of experience, we also find that there are some common misconceptions about the towing industry. Many people think that a towing company only tows vehicles, in fact, we also offer Roadside Assistance so we can come to the rescue if you’ve broken down or need a tyre change.


Best Towing Company


If you have broken down or run into some car trouble, it’s important to call a reputable towing company. A towing service should not only have qualified and experienced drivers but also a variety of tow trucks and the correct towing equipment to deal with your particular situation. You don’t want to waste time calling companies only to find they’re not equipped to deal with your type of vehicle or aren’t prepared to respond to your location. A towing company needs to be large enough to transport all types of vehicles. What if you’ve broken down with your trailer, or there’s a problem with your caravan? That’s where a well-equipped and reliable company will be your best bet to provide the type of hassle-free service you require.


At Gardenstate Towing we provide both local and interstate towing services. We are happy to offer Roadside Assistance and emergency towing to drivers the Greater Melbourne region 24/7. We can also offer long-distance towing if you need your vehicle transported interstate.


What to do while you wait for our Towing Service


Here are some tips to ensure you are safe while you wait for your emergency tow truck.

  • Turn on your hazard lights – immediately make it clear to other drivers that you’re experiencing a problem
  • Park your vehicle in a safe spot – pull over to avoid blocking the flow of traffic, you may need to push your vehicle to clear the way
  • Stay in your vehicle – if you do not need to push your vehicle then you should stay in your car
  • Stay calm – we fully understand that breaking down is extremely stressful, even more so if it’s on a very busy road or in a remote area. Try to stay calm – we can and will be able to help you – we are only a phone call away


Gardenstate Towing

We’ve been delivering professional towing services to the Greater Melbourne region for many years. Our friendly, fast, efficient and experienced tow truck drivers have responded to all different types of vehicle problems over the years. We understand how stressful an accident or a breakdown can be and we are here to offer you the best assistance available. We are on-call 24/7 and no job is too big or too small for us. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call – we pride ourselves in our outstanding customer service and our team of professional tow truck drivers offer fast response time with a range of tow trucks to suit any vehicle, including trailers, boats and caravans.