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At Gardenstate Towing, we offer an expert and efficient clearway towing service for all local councils and state governments around the country. You can rely on our safe and dependable towing service for any clearway obstructions.

Our drivers are all fully accredited to provide a clearway towing service and will ensure that the vehicle is towed in the most efficient manner possible.

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My Car Got Towed: How Do I Find It?

Gardenstate Towing provides an expert clearway towing service to all local councils and state transport departments around Melbourne as well as the rest of Australia.

Once the vehicle is on the tow truck, it is regarded as being legally impounded and this means that a fee set by the local council or state Department of Transport will apply to have it released.

If your vehicle has been towed from a clearway to allow for efficient traffic flow during peak times, you will need to find out where your car is being impounded so that you can safely retrieve it.

Generally, you can do an online search to see where your vehicle is being held.

How To Collect Your Impounded Vehicle

When your vehicle is impounded due to a clearway infringement, you’ll need to conduct an impound search to find out where your car is currently situated.

If you know that your vehicle has been towed by our company and is impounded at our facility, you need to book a time to collect it. Our impound depot is open from Monday to Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Make sure that you bring a photo ID such as your driver’s license or passport, payment for the release fee and your car keys. Also, ensure that you book a time for collection so that we know that you’re coming.

Release Fees

Depending on which state your vehicle was impounded, you will need to pay a release fee to collect your vehicle. This fee is set and calculated either by the local council or the state’s Department of Transport.

As a general guide, in Victoria, many local councils have a release fee of just under $400. However, some of the outer councils such as Stonnington, Port Phillip and Yarra charge a higher fee of just under $500. The City of Melbourne’s release fee is also just under $500.

You need to ensure that you have this fee with you when you collect your vehicle, otherwise, we cannot release it.

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For information on our car towing services in Melbourne, contact our 24-hour phone line on (03) 9429 1234. For our prestige car towing services, specialised vehicle transport services or another vehicle towing service outside of Melbourne, contact us here and see how we can help you today.

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Ahmed took great care and attention to detail in loading and unloading my BMW M4. It's not every day you find a towing company that knows how to handle prestige vehicles.
Avinash Mahendran
Avinash Mahendran
23:22 02 Dec 23
100% Professional and reliable. Ahmed was absolutely a pleasure to deal with. Very helpful in finding the perfect solution to a tricky situation. Highly recommend.
Pontious Maximus
Pontious Maximus
13:38 05 Nov 23
Very helpful quick and affordable
Oz Louis
Oz Louis
10:38 13 Oct 23
We needed to tow our Porsche 997.2 Carrera from the depths of our apartment carpark to Porsche Centre Melbourne. GT used a low rise unit operated by Tom to enter the carpark and collect our cherished vehicle. Tom's executed the tow with great skill and performed a flawless job. I would not hesitate to use GT and Tom for this task again - hopefully will never need to!
Harry Simson
Harry Simson
03:12 02 Oct 23
Great, friendly and reliable. Would highly recommend.
andrew hayden
andrew hayden
06:37 26 Sep 23
Our car was stuck in one of the steepest and angled driveways that barely had room for one car. Tom was amazing and really took the time to technically work it out and incredibly got the car out unscathed! Very impressed and grateful for the help we were given today, would highly recommend Tom, he’s a legend!
Kellie Whittaker
Kellie Whittaker
00:23 04 Sep 23
Charlie Zhang
Charlie Zhang
05:34 31 Jul 23
evan harrison
evan harrison
11:25 08 Jun 23
Professional and hassle free.
Ariyan Shen
Ariyan Shen
13:53 03 Jun 23

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