F1 Australia: Grand Prix 2017

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 F1 Australia: Grand Prix 2017

F1 Cars Around Town

We were very excited to work again this year with the Australian Formula 1, held in Albert Park.


In years past, we worked with the Red Bull team, who this year again entered in the race Daniel Ricciardo. Unfortunately, the local Ricciardo didn’t have as much luck this year as he did previously. Engine trouble before the race meant that he had to start from the pit lane, two laps after everybody else. On lap 29, gearbox failure meant that his car had to be towed off. Gracious in defeat, Ricciardo told the press that the Albert Park experience taught him about the new RB13. The event taught us a few things about the hybrid vehicles, with 2017 introducing new restrictions on the dimensions of the F1 machines, presenting new opportunities and challenges for drivers and transporters alike!

F1 Transport

Our work with the Grand Prix Corporation and Red Bull goes on throughout the year but really explodes over April around the Albert Park race. Check out our gallery for a collection of photos of the F1 cars we’ve transported over the country.


The Locations

A lot of the work is done outside of the race. To promote the F1, the Australian Grand Prix Corporation puts older and newer models around the city in some pretty out-there locations! Over the past few years, we’ve been responsible for putting F1 show cars in untraditional places, like the roof of Crown Casino, the foyer of The Royal Children’s Hospital, inside The Emporium and Melbourne Central.


The Challenges

These have presented a number of challenges for us – roofs and shopping centres aren’t usually very car-friendly! But getting the vehicles through narrow doorways and up and down stairs safely and conscientiously “is just what we do”, says our F1 expert, Brad Cook.


In the past, we’ve even hoisted a Renault F1 vehicle to a helicopter from the Grand Prix Corporation in Williamstown. Starting off of one of our trucks, the car flew over Melbourne to advertise the big race.


All in a day’s work, eh Brad?


Negotiating urban spaces is part and parcel of what we do, with stairs, buildings and pedestrians providing challenges not too dissimilar to the branches and trenches of our salvage expeditions. No matter what the job, Garden State Towing will find a way to deliver your vehicle or machinery safely, expertly and on time.


Here are some snaps from when we moved the Swisse F1 vehicle to the Grand Prix offices in Prahran:


As you can see, stairs are no problem for our crew.


Garden State Towing’s vehicles are well equipped to handle the towing and transportation requirements of any prestige, racing or show cars and we could accommodate the Formula 1 specifications with the professionalism, safety and care we bring to any job.


We enjoy our partnership with the Australian Grand Prix Corporation and look forward to next year, when hopefully our local drivers have a little more luck and a better chance at taking home the trophy. Until then, we’re excited for the challenges the Corporation’s marketing department want to set us – helicopters, rooftops, bring it on!


For any of your commercial or private vehicle transportation needs in Melbourne or interstate, contact Garden State Towing today.


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