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24 Hour Towing Service in Melbourne – Gardenstate Towing

Established in 1987 by Dean Tyzzer, Gardenstate Towing is a recognised and well respected business providing quality road-side assistance, vehicle transport and 24 hour towing services in Melbourne.

Gardenstate Towing started off as a one-truck, one-person business and has grown to be one of Melbourne’s preferred towing and transporting service providers. Specialising in the prestige vehicle market, we have fast established a reputation as a Melbourne towing service everyone can depend on.

Our operation, based in Abbotsford, Victoria, provides expert transport and road-side assistance services both intra and interstate to motor vehicle manufacturers, dealerships, fleet management companies, insurance companies, finance agencies, trade operators, government agencies and various other organisations.

Gardenstate Towing transports carscommercial vehiclesplant & equipmentmotor homesmotorcyclesscooterscaravansboats or trailers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We also operatea “round the clock” call centre that’s staffed by fully trained and professional personnel,in addition to possessing secure and CCTV monitored storage facilities.

Some of the key factors of Gardenstate Towing’s success:

  • Our commitment and focus to the provision of quality customer service;
  • A “whatever it takes” attitude. We strive to exceed client expectations. This is why our Melbourne towing service has such a loyal client base from a diverse range of industries – we take steps to accommodate the individual needs of each customer.
  • Pride in operating only well-maintained, clean and reliable service vehicles – all of our vehicles are fully equipped with state of the art engineering, technology and safety equipment to ensure the safe and secure transportation of all vehicles and passengers.
  • Pride in employing only professional, trained, courteous, committed and well groomed staff.
    • Currently 60% of our drivers are qualified mechanics
    • We provide on-going staff training
    • All of our staff are police checked for criminal history
  • Our commitment to keeping up with technology – we currently utilise a GPS tracking system of all our service vehicles. Our state-of-the-art fleet and equipment enable us to deliver one of the most efficient and prompt 24 hour towing services in Melbourne.
  • Our commitment to meeting our KPIs in regard to effective time management of job turnaround, from accepting a job to service delivery and follow-up.
  • Our accountability to our clients and their customers:
    • Our Business Continuity Plan – to ensure minimal disruption to service provision;
    • On-request reporting – from our GPS tracking system
    • Our Incident Plan – established to ensure our clients and their customers have transparent and simple access to our trained personnel if any incidents need attention and resolution.
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