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signs of vehicle issues

Sometimes your vehicle will inevitably hit a problem and you’ll have to pull over. While this can be quite concerning and also frustrating because it will cause delays, it’s important to monitor your car and watch out for any issues that might crop up.

Here are 20 signs to watch out for that will require you to pull over and contact a tow truck company.

1. Steam Coming From Under The Bonnet

Steam coming from under your bonnet usually indicates that your engine is overheating because your cooling system has malfunctioned. If this happens, you need to pull over immediately and turn off the engine.

2. Smoke Billowing From Under Your Bonnet

If there’s smoke coming from under the bonnet, stop the car immediately and move as far away as possible. Smoke usually indicates that there’s a fire and this can be very dangerous.

3. Lights Flashing On Your Dashboard

If you suddenly notice any type of light or symbol flashing on your dashboard, it’s a sign that something is wrong. Red lights normally indicate that there’s a serious problem while yellow or orange lights indicate that you should have your vehicle checked by a mechanic.

4. Your Steering Wheel Starts To Vibrate

Any changes to how your car handles should be investigated immediately. If your steering wheel starts to vibrate, you should pull over straight away. This could indicate a flat or blown tyre or there could be a problem with your steering mechanism.

5. Unusual Noises That Start Suddenly

While you’re driving along, if you suddenly hear a noise that wasn’t there before, it’s best to stop the car so that the sudden noise can be investigated. Any unusual noises could be caused by worn bearings, a damaged muffler or exhaust system or even just a broken fan belt.

6. The Brake Warning Light Flashes On

Like other warning lights on your dashboard, if the brake warning light flashes on, you should stop immediately. This could indicate that the hydraulic systems that control your brakes are not functioning correctly.

7. You Notice A Strange Smell That Wasn’t There Before

Strange smells coming from your car indicate that something is wrong. If you smell petrol, it could mean that there’s a leak in one of the hoses. Other smells could include burning wiring, the smell of hot rubber or boiling coolant.

8. Your Car Is Not Accelerating Smoothly

If you notice hesitation or a lag in performance when you put your foot on the accelerator, it could indicate there’s a problem with your fuel delivery system or you might have dirty air filters. Usually, you’ll get a warning sign pop up on your dashboard and you should pull over when this happens.

9. Your Brakes Start To Squeal

Squealing brakes indicate that your brake pads are worn and they need to be replaced. If you continue to use them, you might cause damage to the rotors or brake drums and this could be quite costly.

10. You Notice Smoke Coming From Your Exhaust

Any type of smoke coming from your vehicle should be a cause for concern. So, if you notice smoke coming from your exhaust, you should pull over and utilise our car towing Melbourne service to take your car to a mechanic.

11. Your Temperature Starts To Increase

There’s a gauge on your dashboard that shows you the temperature of your engine. With constant monitoring of this gauge, you should know what’s normal. But, if you notice the temperature start to rise, you need to pull over because your engine is overheating.

12. You Notice Some Sputtering From The Engine While You’re Driving

Any abnormalities that cause your engine to sputter or misfire while you’re driving need to be investigated immediately. In cases like these, it’s best to pull over and have your car towed to a mechanic.

13. You’re Finding It Difficult To Change Gears

If you notice that it’s becoming difficult to change gears, it means that the gears in your gearbox are worn down. When this happens, it’s best to pull over because if you keep driving, you could damage the gearbox and this can be costly to replace.

14. You Notice Your Transmission Is Slipping

In cars with an automatic transmission, this too can fail over time. So, if you notice any type of slipping or thumpy gear changes while you’re driving, you should pull over immediately so that you don’t cause excessive damage to your transmission.

15. You Suddenly Loose Power While Driving

If you’re driving along and you suddenly lose power, it indicates that there’s a problem either with your engine or the fuel delivery system. This will usually be accompanied by the engine light flashing on your dashboard. Always pull over immediately when this happens.

16. Your Engine Stalls Every Time You Stop At An Intersection

If your engine continually stalls, it’s a sure sign that something is wrong. When this happens, you should pull over when it’s safe to do so and call a tow truck.

17. You Hear A Squealing Noise Coming From Under The Bonnet

A loud squealing noise coming from under your bonnet, especially when you’re accelerating could mean that your fan belt is broken. It’s best to pull over and phone for a tow truck when this happens.

18. You Notice A Sudden Decrease In Fuel Efficiency

If you keep an eye on your fuel efficiency, and you suddenly notice that your car is using more fuel than is normal, it could indicate a problem. When this happens, you should pull over so that your car can be towed to a mechanic to investigate the cause.

19. Your Car Suddenly Pulls To One Side

If your car suddenly pulls to one side and you’re having trouble keeping it driving straight, you need to pull over immediately. This is usually a sign that you have a blown tyre.

20. Something Hits Your Windscreen And It Starts To Crack

If a stone or something similar hits your windscreen and it starts to crack, it’s best to pull over. Even a small crack can become quite large quickly and this is a potential hazard. Not only will it obscure your vision but it will also affect the structural integrity of the screen.

In An Emergency, Contact Gardenstate Towing

If you experience any of these emergencies and you’re searching for a tow truck near me, Gardenstate Towing can help. We’ll be there in a flash and safely tow your vehicle to a mechanic of your choice so that your issues can be quickly resolved.

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Kellie Whittaker
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Our car was stuck in one of the steepest and angled driveways that barely had room for one car. Tom was amazing and really took the time to technically work it out and incredibly got the car out unscathed! Very impressed and grateful for the help we were given today, would highly recommend Tom, he’s a legend!
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